Modern Cluster Height Adjustable Desks (Cluster of 4)

Modern Cluster Height Adjustable Desks (Cluster of 4)

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AED 5,500.00


  •  Built-in Power Sockets and USB Charger
  •  Two Motors Per Desk
  •  Height Adjustable Range: 650-1250mm
  •  Max. Lifting Capacity: 120kg

Customization :

German Made High Quality MFC Material with Anti Bacterial Surface Property  with
Board Finish: wide color options

Price : Starting From 5088 Per cluster of 2 with 120cm L x60cm W Desk top in White

Please check Price with Sales Team with the Customization in Size, Design and Finish

AED 5,500.00

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Choosing a Smart Office Furniture’s  Cluster height adjustable desk is the best Choice because, we give importance to consider factors such as the size of the desk, the number of workstations required, the range of height adjustability and the overall durability and stability of the desk.

Smart Office Furniture’s height adjustable workstations also known as cluster sit-stand workstations or cluster standing desks, are ergonomic office furniture solutions designed to accommodate multiple users in a shared workspace while allowing them to easily switch between sitting and standing positions. Height Adjustable Features  enables users to switch between sitting and standing positions, promoting ergonomic comfort and reducing the negative health effects associated with prolonged sitting.

  1. Shared Workspace: These workstations are designed to accommodate multiple users in close proximity. They often consist of a linear or modular layout with a shared frame structure. This layout promotes collaboration and teamwork among colleagues.
  2. Customization: Smart Office Furniture’s cluster height adjustable workstations can often be customized to meet specific space and design requirements. Customer can choose different tabletop sizes, materials, and finishes to match the aesthetics of the office environment.
  3. Modularity: Many cluster workstations are modular, which means they can be easily reconfigured or expanded as the needs of the workspace change. This flexibility is beneficial for growing companies who frequently wish to change the Layouts


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