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A conference table is a large and often central piece of furniture used in meeting rooms, boardrooms, and other professional settings for conducting discussions, presentations, and collaborative activities. Conference tables come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, and they are an essential element of creating a functional and conducive environment for business meetings. Whether you are furnishing a boardroom, conference room, or collaborative workspace, selecting the right meeting or conference desk is

essential to create a conducive environment for productive meetings and discussions. We Smart Office Furniture, carefully assess your requirements and assist preferences to choose a the correct desk that best meets the concept of your design and requirements. Here are some key aspects to consider when choosing a meeting or conference desk:

Size and Shape: We Smart Office Furniture will assist you for the size and shape of the desk which are to be determined by the number of people to accommodate and the available space in the room. Common shapes include rectangular, oval, boat-shaped and circular. Rectangular tables are popular for boardrooms, while circular tables can facilitate better eye contact and discussion among participants.

Materials: Meeting and conference desks can be customized from variety of materials, including wood ( E1, E0 Grade Melamine, glass, metal, and composite materials. The choice of material can impact the table's durability, style, and maintenance requirements.

Design and Style: We Smart Office Furniture creates the design and style of the desk align with the overall aesthetics of the room or office space. We consider factors such as the color, finish, and detailing to ensure it complements the room's décor as well as Customers likes.  

Technology Integration: In modern conference settings, it's common to integrate technology into the meeting desk. This may include built-in power outlets, data ports, cable management systems, and even touchscreen capabilities for presentations and video conferencing.

Accessibility: Smart Office Furniture ensures that the desk is accessible for all participants, including those with mobility challenges. Consider the height of the desk and the placement of seating to accommodate wheelchair users, for example.

Storage and Accessories: Smart  office Furniture create Storage Options if required, such as built-in cabinets or drawers, accessories like microphone systems, lighting fixtures, and cable organizers can enhance the functionality of the desk.

Budget: Meeting and conference desks can vary widely in price, depending on factors like size, materials, and features. Smart Office Furniture establish a budget that suits your needs and explore modern options within that range.

Ergonomics: We pay attention to details on the ergonomics of the desk. It should provide a comfortable and productive environment for participants. Adjustable height options can be particularly beneficial for accommodating different users as an option.

Customization: Depending on your specific needs and preferences, Smart Office Furniture  explore customization options for the desk, allowing you to tailor it to  unique requirements.

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A meeting table is a piece of furniture specifically designed for group discussions, brainstorming sessions, presentations, and collaborative activities. It's an essential component of meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other professional settings where people gather to exchange ideas and make decisions.

Coffee Tables

A Coffee table is a type of small table commonly used in Living Rooms, Executive Offices Visitor Seatings and Lounge Area where Sofa is in Place.
Function: Smart Coffee tables are primarily used to hold beverages, snacks, magazines, books, and other items that people might want to access while sitting on a sofa or chair. They provide a convenient surface for placing these items within easy reach.
Design: Smart Coffee tables comes in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and materials to suit different interior decor styles. Common materials includes wood (MFC/ MDF/ Veneer/ Lacquer , Glass, Metal, and Composite materials. Some have storage features like drawers or shelves, while others are more minimalist.
Size: The Speciality of Smart coffee tables complement to the size of the seating area. It should be proportional to the sofa and chairs around it. Typically, a coffee table's height is around the same as the seat cushions of the surrounding furniture which is 45cm and the length ( 100-140 cm) or width (40-60 cm) is often about two-thirds the length of the sofa.
Shape: Smart Coffee tables come in various shapes, including rectangular, square, round, and oval. The shape can impact the flow and visual appeal of the room. Round and oval tables tend to work well in smaller spaces as they lack sharp corners.
Style: Coffee tables can match or contrast with the overall style of the room. For example, a rustic wooden table might complement a farmhouse-style living room, while a sleek, glass table might suit a modern or contemporary space. Additional Features: Smart Coffee tables come with additional features like built-in storage, lift-tops that can be raised to create a dining or work surface, or wheels for easy mobility and Smart Power components based on the requirements. Maintenance: The maintenance of a Smart coffee table is very easy . Wipe clean with soft dry cloth regularly.
Remember Smart Coffee Table is an essential piece of furniture that can tie a room together and enhance its functionality. Product Colour may vary slightly due to photographic lighting or your screen settings. The product images have props used for illustrative purposes.

foldable desk

Foldable desks are a practical solution for creating temporary workspaces, accommodating guests, or optimizing space in small living areas. A foldable desk is a type of desk that can be easily folded or collapsed for storage or transportation when not in use. These desks are highly versatile and are suitable for various purposes, including providing a temporary workspace, accommodating guests, or creating extra surface area when needed. Here are some key aspects to consider when it comes to foldable desks:
  1. Foldability: The primary feature of a foldable desk is its ability to fold or collapse. Smart Office Furniture Foldable Desks desks has a simple hinge mechanism that allows the legs or tabletop to fold down and ensures that the folding process is easy and efficient.

  2. Size and Shape: Foldable desks come in different sizes and shapes. Smart Office Furniture suggests the size and shape of the desk by considering the available space and intended use.

  3. Sturdiness: Smart Office Furniture understand the important to assess the sturdiness of a foldable desk which has stable legs and a strong frame to ensure that they can support the weight of items placed on the surface without wobbling or collapsing.

  4. Aesthetics: Smart Office Furniture suggests design and aesthetics of the foldable desk which complement your room's decor's. Budget: Foldable desks come in a wide range of price points, so establish a budget that suits your needs and explore options within that range. Maintenance: The maintenance of a Smart coffee table is very easy . Wipe clean with soft dry cloth regularly.