EMBRACE Full Mesh Ergonomic Chair

EMBRACE Full Mesh Ergonomic Chair

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AED 817.00

Color: Black
Headrest: Adjustable in Mesh Fabric material
Back Rest: Korean WINTEX Mesh Fabric in Nylon Fiberglass Frame with Adjustable Lumbar Support
Seat: Korean WINTEX Mesh Fabric with Forward/Backward Slide Mechanism
Armrest: 3D Adjustable
Feature: Height Adjustable, Synchro and Multifunctional Mechanism
Gas Spring: Korean Gas Lift
Base: Aluminium Star Base
Casters: Floor-safe PU Casters

AED 817.00

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EMBRACE Full Mesh Ergonomic Chair

The perfect product lies in the ingenuity of creativity. The freely adjustable design conforms to ergonomics. The entire seatback is made of Korean WINTEX special mesh fabric, which is extremely suitable for you who like comfort and coolness.

As this series of EMBRACE embraces, it gives you the most perfect and comfortable hug.


Full Width: 67 cm (26.38 in)
Full Depth: 65 cm (25.59 in)
Seat Height: 43-53 cm (16.93-20.87 in)
Full Height: 119-140 cm (46.85-55.12 in)


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