Conference Desk Milano

Conference Desk Milano

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AED 2,600.00

Custom-made minimalist modern design
Material: High quality board Made in GERMANY with Anti Bacterial Surface Property
Cable Management: Round grommets (standard 2 corner top location)
Storage: Wooden 3-Drawer with Lock Mobile Pedestal
Delivery: 10-12 working days upon payment received

AED 2,600.00

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A custom-made minimalist design furniture
6 person : 180Length x 90-100 Width x 76 Height for 4+2 : Price AED. 2,400

8 Person : 240Length x 100 Width x 76 Height for 6+2 : Price AED. 3,000

10 Person : 310Length x 100-120 Width x 76 Height for 8+2 Price AED. 4,200

12 Person : 400Length x 120-140 Width x 76 Height for 10+2 Price AED. 4,800

14 Person : 490Length x 140-160 Width x 76 Height for 10+2 Price AED. 6,000

Did you know that… our products have an antibacterial surface property?

On the hygienically sealed and closed surfaces of the products in our Decorative Collection.
Bacteria and germs are reduced by 99.9% within 24 hours. This characteristic also prevents their breeding.
This makes the products particularly suitable for areas subject to certain hygiene requirements.

Demonstrably Tested

Produced without additional antibacterial additives
Internationally recognised test method (ISO 22196 = JIS Z 2801)
Certification by independent, external Hohenstein Institute
Achieved the effectiveness “strong” value of antibacterial effect [log10KBE: A ≥ 3]


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